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    WutsUpBuffalo is a massive compilation of fun things to do in Buffalo, New York, and our calendar can help you find what you're looking for. Browse for upcoming events, see what's happening this weekend, or look for something to do on your birthday. Or I guess you can just sit there and do nothing, but I'm telling you right now, I don't think I can sit through another rerun of Gossip Girl again.

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  • Holidays

    There's always a holiday right around the corner, and in Buffalo, if there isn't, we'll invent one. So don't stay home alone again this year talking to your fruitcake like Tom Hanks talking to his volleyball. From 4th of July to New Years Eve and everything in between, you'll find something to do fun in our Holidays page.

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  • Food Trucks

    It doesn't matter if it's lunch time or 4am after the bar, those food trucks are showing up everywhere. How do they know I'm hungry?! Get to the front of the line by finding them here first.

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  • Concerts & Shows

    Music and comedy; national acts and homegrown talent. Keep track of local shows by your favorite artists here, so you can finally get that jingle from Airport Plaza Jewelers out of your head.

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  • Events & Festivals

    Summer time and all year round, Buffalo is loaded with festivals and special events. No need to hunt them down when you can find them right here. Then you can devote all that time you saved to solving the world's energy crisis, or eating a taco.

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  • Beer & Wine

    What's your poison? Sophisticated wine tastings? Sloppy beer blasts? Sublime happy hours? Put an end to this agonizing aliteration by clicking into the Beer and Wine section to find out more.

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  • Pro Sports & Bar Leagues

    If you're looking for info on adult bar league sports, or local tournaments, you can find it all here. There's also info on Buffalo's pro and college teams. Flex your guns or flop your gut. Everybody is welcome.

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  • Experience Buffalo

    There's lots of interesting affairs going on all the time in Buffalo. Haunted history walks; kayak adventures; one time I think I even saw Batman. We'll help you find some unique experiences here.

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  • Walks, Runs & Rides

    A health nut, are you? Always running in circles and checking your pulse? We've got info on runs, walks and biking events here. If you need me I'll be sitting on the floor in the corner with a dozen donuts.

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  • Farmer's Markets

    Who doesn't love fresh produce? Don't waste your time growing your own tomatoes; they're never going to come out as good as your dad's did. You're doing it wrong! Head down to the farmer's market and let the pro's handle it.

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  • News & Views

    When we hear news about waterfront development or proposed downtown stadiums it makes us beat our chest like gorillas. We want you to beat your chest like gorillas too. Get your updates here. We'll bring the bananas.

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  • Waste Some Time

    WutsUpBuffalo is all about finding ways to have fun. When we come across a story, video or product that appeals to our aristocratic and/or inebriated sensibilities, we'll keep you in the loop here.

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    Remember that scene in Titanic when Rose wanted to give up and Jack was crying about how she needed to go on and live for him? We don't. You know why? We've been out living the dream. We can prove it. Click here.

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